Sunday, January 27, 2013

the honor of my life {pinewood derby}

The highlight of the weekend, well Kieran's weekend anyway, was the Pinewood Derby.
This is his second year in Adventure Guides with Erik, and the Derby is one of the signature events of the year. I loved Friday night because Erik and I were actually able to break away from all four kids and go to a dinner party with all the Adventure Guide moms and dads! Even though it wasn't a date all by ourselves, it was still with adult company and it made me realize how important it is to have that time, we need to go out more often!
As for the Pinewood Derby, we had to prepare Kieran that even when you don't win a trophy, participating is still memorable and a lot of fun! I think it's great the kids get a participant ribbon, and equally great that not all the kids get a trophy. Last year, Kieran cried and I was determined to have it sink in with him that no matter what, it was about having fun with his daddy.
Well, he definitely had fun as evidenced by the smile on his face...

 oh, and the fact that he won not one,

but two trophies!
Second place out of 35 or so cars for speed, and sixth place for design. I was a proud mama and wife of my two boys! 
He pouted just a little before receiving them because he wanted to win first. For a moment I thought, "Here we go again!" We talked about the Olympics and how winning silver is an amazing accomplishment, even just being in the Olympics is an amazing accomplishment!
Then after receiving the trophies, I had to laugh just a little when Kieran announced, "Winning these trophies is the honor of my life!"
Obviously we're still working on it, but for now, I'll let him bask in his trophy glory.
He's asleep with them in bed.

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