Sunday, July 31, 2011

funny girl

"What school do you go to?", Susan the dry cleaning lady asked. 
"Ummm...high school.", the 3 year old replied.
Anna never ceases to amuse me, that's for sure!
Funny girl...

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

8 months

Sweet Tatum,
You are quickly approaching 9 months, though I've taken your picture on the actual day you turned 8:
You have been on your first trip to Disneyland, and though you will never remember it, you had a great time! You even laughed on some of the rides!
You are 19 pounds of giggles and smiles.
You love your siblings...

You are social,
and you are...
an amazing little soul. 
We shower you with so many kisses, we think you're trying to kiss us back!
We love you, all 8 months of you, and then some.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

ten on tuesday:anniversary style

1. Erik and I got married 8 years ago, today.
2. We've been together since December 8, 1996...since we were 18.
3. I finally gave in to going on a date with him (on said date above) sister and friends set us up as Secret Santa's even though I said he was not my type!
4. I'm so glad I gave lead to this happy day: 
5. My favorite part of the day was (other than getting married, of course) our much. fun!
6. Erik is my best friend. Though we can get into arguments just as any married couple, we always work it out, as best friends do. 
7. Erik makes me laugh...I love that he is a kid at heart!
8. I am thankful that together, and by the grace of God, we have 3 beautiful children.
9. Erik always says (jokingly, of course) that he is wiser because he's older. less than 3 months. That's okay, when he's 40, I'll be 39!
10. I can't imagine my life without this incredible man. The sacrifices that he makes are endless. The love that he has for me is still there after all these years, and it continues to grow. I am so very, very blessed!
I love you, Erik!
Happy Anniversary!

Monday, July 18, 2011


steady persistence in a course of action, a purpose, a state,etc., especially in spite of difficulties, obstacles, 
or discouragement.

We went from one little girl, being afraid of the water, throwing tantrums, begging her teachers not to "dunk her", not wearing goggles, to this:
Anna was a little nervous and eventually excited to participate in her very first "swim meet". Designed for the little ones who are not yet on swim team, this little girl swam with the assistance of her teacher, goggle prepared, bubble blowing, and with all her heart and might. 
He went from barely making it a few feet,
to big freestyle arms, legs kicking, side breathing, swimming the ENTIRE length of the pool! 
I could have given in when the other moms were staring at me wondering if I'd give in to my daughter screaming, "I don't want to swim, I can't do it!"
I could have...
but I didn't. 
Kieran thought he'd never make it the whole length of the pool...
but he did, and he was thrilled!
What better way to celebrate the true act of perseverance with a refreshing snow cone? Who cares that it was freezing cold outside?
There's no better reward that any ribbon or snow cone could give, than the sense of accomplishment that they felt from a congratulatory hug by their teacher. pays off!

Friday, July 15, 2011

vacation ala instagram::insta-friday

This past week, we took a family vacation to visit my sister and brother-in-law and their kids, along with an added treat of going to the happiest place on Earth! Rather than run any risk with my new camera at the beach or at Disneyland, I documented our trip solely on my iphone, ala instagram!
view of the sunset on our way to my sister's
@ the beach in san diego
 building sand castles
 one of the few pictures of me, in a bathing suit no less...though I have shorts on :)
kieran and anna had a fabulous time, even though they both had ear infections!
tatum's first trip to the beach
sand angel
disneyland band
eating lunch @ new orleans square
@ winnie the pooh...which anna rode 3 times while waiting for everyone else to be done with splash mountain...she's still got 3 inches to grow and wants to go on splash mountain badly!
next time we'll make sure to visit the princesses, but she'll visit with just about any character
swingin' in tarzan's tree house
my favorite picture from the trip, taken by wearing tatum :)
kieran and cousin catherine on a small world
small world with daddy
eating the cotton candy that was given to us by a high school classmate of mine that we ran into! 
anna drove!
 waiting for world of color
it was spectacular!
catherine's first time on tower of terror, so funny!
turkey leg...looks gross, sooo good!
clapping to one of the side shows

kieran (in the yellow hat) participating with the toy story soldiers
asleep in line...we tried to put her down but she was asleep standing up!
my cousin catherine, auntie mary, me and tatum...such a great time!
my little trooper, who sadly, came down with a fever and a cold, but she hung in there!
Disneyland beignets are...
 followed by...
a refreshing mint julep.
 she wasn't sure at first, until we called it a doughnut, and then after that,
no problem!
my mom and 2/3 of the kids :)
 main street, end of the day while waiting for everyone to return from star tours
sleeping beauty's castle, the highlight of anna's ENTIRE trip :)
gotta love the stroller turn on star tours with kieran
done and done.
we had a great time, now back to reality!
Happy Friday!

life rearranged
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