Tuesday, January 8, 2013

it's bittersweet {my sweet jennifer}

My sister, my sweet Jennifer, she may not love this picture, but I do.
It's bittersweet as the tear streams down her face.
It's just before our goodbye, before she travels 8 hours away.
This may be close to many and when you think about it, it's not actually that bad. Some families live states away, countries away.
With the advancement of technology we are able to chat with each other on our computers and for that, I am truly grateful. 
It doesn't and will never replace the human touch, but when you can't be right there with someone, it sure is nice.
I am proud to call my sister my very best friend.
We've gotten in our fair share of arguments, some of them not very becoming, but at the end of the day, she's my only sibling and she means the world to me.
We won't see each other until the summer, our youngest babies just four days apart will be that much bigger.
In the meantime,
I have this...
and even though it makes me a little sad, it makes me a little happy at the same time as I am one lucky girl to call her mine.

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  1. Tears are streaming down my face....because my two babies are so close....just like how I dreamed it would be....and my dreams and wishes have come true. I love you both so much. thank you for capturing this moment in words and in your great talent of photography. I love you..Mommy


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