Thursday, October 9, 2014

two {happy birthday, dear liam}

In an instant, you turned two. 
When I think of you, I think smiles and laughter, hear smiles and laughter, see smiles and laughter.
You have this way about you, everyone notices, and I as your mother can tell you, they are right.
You comfort others with your happiness. 
I've been witness to this first hand, in my own times of sadness or uncertainty and I've seen it from perfect strangers. 
You can create a smile for anyone, where one did not previously exist.
You are full of endless hugs, and oh, how they are Heaven on Earth!
I love:
-how you have gone to sleep since a tiny baby with ease, simply by listening to your musical turtle and watching the waves of light on the ceiling
-how you love your stuffed animals so that the fur is worn to the tune of the Velveteen Rabbit
-how you love your siblings and comfort them, laugh with them, tickle them
-how you decided that you would start potty training three weeks before you actually turned two (yes!)
-how you call your binky, your "kiki", the last remnant of your babyhood that will hang on a bit longer while we potty train
-how you don't have the clearest of speech, but you have a lot to say and I can understand exactly what you are saying (Mama/Baby speak)
-how you wake up every morning with a smile, enter our room and say, "Hi, Ma!" "Hi Da-ee!" and proceed to wake up your brother and sisters with a similar greeting
-how it doesn't take much to make you happy, we can just sit in our court and watch the PG&E truck and you are pleased as punch
-how you want to do everything that your sisters and brother do because you believe you are just as big as they are
-how you wave and smile to everyone, wherever we go
-how you look at the world with wonder, it makes me see everything fresh and new through your eyes
-how you giggle with me and snuggle with me, every chance you get
-how you barge into our bedroom full speed ahead to say goodnight to Daddy and give him the most special of bear hugs
-how you and Tatum have a special bond because you are so close in age, you are so big that you're often mistaken as twins
-how you eat almost everything (you don't like hotdogs or hamburgers, but that's fine with me!)
-how you love the water and love to swim
-how you can make a mess out of ANYTHING...well, maybe I don't love that part, but it's you and I love all of you
-how you love to DANCE!
My sweet boy, may you continue this bright path you've begun, bringing joy to others. I know it brings joy to you!
God gave us each a little piece of Heaven when he gave us you.
Happy Birthday, Liam Erik!
You may be two, but my heart will forever know you as my baby boy.
Smile on, laugh on, love on, dance on, my son!

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