Tuesday, November 11, 2014

happy birthday, dear tatum {tatum frances is four!}

Dearest Tatum Frances,
As always, the hands of time have moved far more quickly than I ever want them to as it seems that you were just placed into my arms.

birth photo credits: Melissa Larson

and instantly captured our hearts.

It's almost impossible to fathom that I went from writing about your first year, 

to your second,
to your third,
to now.
my beautiful,
sometimes used to be all the time shy,

four year old, Frozen loving girl.
How far you have come in four wonderful years! 
You are my little warrior. From your accident, to an adenoidectomy, then a tonsillectomy and finally learning with the right therapy how to eat, you are one tough cookie!
Tonight you said to me while eating pasta,
"Mommy, I'm going to eat all of this pasta so that when Daddy measures me, I can grow and then when I grow I can go on the airplane with Daddy to Disneyland to see Mickey and Minnie."
My sweet 2T wearing 4 year old girl, you are tiny in stature and so very big in heart.
Where you used to be afraid of preschool, you are now full of giggles, and the most funny, insightful and thoughtful conversations.
And though I'm sick of Frozen as is most of the adult world, just like Frozen, you prove to me daily that LOVE conquers all.
Your love,
shines through,
 and weathers any storm.
Happy Birthday, my sweet Tatum Frances.
Daddy and I, Kieran, Anna, Liam and Murray love you so very, very, much.


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