Sunday, February 3, 2013

on a saturday morning...{when she draws}

On a Saturday morning, you can find her at the table. She is quiet only when she draws. She is otherwise loud, boisterous, full of energy with not a lot of time to rest in between, except when she draws.
The pencils, pens, paints, crayons, and oil pastels fill the page not just with their vibrancy, but with a story, each one unique.
She loves the outdoors with a passion, but if she's inside, her 
happy place is using her imagination to create.
Everything has it's place, 
 everything is perfected to her liking.
 I sometimes forget how long it's been that she sits at the table because she is so focused on her masterpiece.
Always kneeling,
she calls out to me when she's done. I never know what to expect and with each scene that she brings me, 
I am amazed at the details that she brings to life.
There wasn't much happening at our house on this particular Saturday morning other than our under the weather colds, oh and of course, when she draws.

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