Thursday, September 3, 2015

last but not least {back to school 2015 part 4}

Okay, so it's really not part 4, it's part 2 for Back to School, but since Liam is the 4th child, you get it. 
We didn't think when we set out on this journey that we'd have double the number of little ones that we had first dreamt about.
While there are days that present their challenges, four is truly a wonderful, wonderful blessing!
This boy was over the moon excited to go to his very first day of school after seeing his older siblings get to go!
 He is a big eater and I mean a BIG eater and he didn't even eat his lunch today. He was THAT excited! He thanked his teacher on his own (my Lord, he has the best manners!) and then proceeded to ask me for his bagel. I just think he was so thrilled with his day, not even eating was going to get in the way. 
If ever I am upset, Liam will say, "Mommy, you happy? Be happy!" He is completely in tune with his emotions and the emotions of others and has a way with knowing just how to make anyone feel better.
I simply cannot imagine our lives without him.
Liam, may the days be long and filled with happiness, for that is what you bring to our lives.
Cheers to your very first day of school!
You are last, but not least, 
and that makes me happy.

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