About Me

I am a former middle school counselor of twelve years, turned full-time mom to four beautiful children ages 12, 10, 7 and 6. 
I am a wife to an absolutely wonderful husband and we have been married for 15 years.
I am a sister and my sister is my best friend.
I am a daughter and I love my mom and dad with all my heart.
I am honest.
I am giving.
I am a good listener...good thing, since that was what I did for a living!
I am an Independent Consultant with Rodan+Fields.
I am a sweet-a-holic (I really have to work on that!).
I have learned to really love myself for me, not others perception of me.
I love photography and writing.
I am a good friend and will be loyal to you from the day we meet until all eternity.
I was the C and E Catholic that I said I never would be, but have finally reconnected! I am going to church (almost) every Sunday with all four kids by myself (my husband's church has freshly cut grass with a small white ball that rolls across it ;) and I'm delving into the Bible to understand it better because I want to, not because it was an assignment in school ;).
I am thankful to wake up everyday for another chance at life.
I gave my blog the name 'Beautiful Noise' because I couldn't think of anything else, it just popped into my head. Maybe because I think it's funny when my husband sings it-so it just kind of stuck.
It's fitting nonetheless...
"It's a beautiful noise made of joy an of strife, like a symphony played by a passing parade, it's the music of life."
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