Monday, April 1, 2013

thoughts on a little girl i love...{tatum}

It seems strange to say it...a little girl.
She is growing into a little girl.
She is no longer a baby at the tender age of two years and four months.
She she is a kick in the pants, the bees knees, the butter to my bread.
She sings an entrance song when she prances into a room, most often accompanied by the words, "Super Tatum!"
She is my night owl, just like me, and on the car ride home from Easter helped me to stay awake by counting over and over to 100. 
She makes the number one hundred sound so fun and exciting. 
That's just her personality, so large for something so very, very, pint sized.
She is and always will be my baby, 
and she is most definitely,

a little girl I love.
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