Monday, January 14, 2013

to be little

Oh, to be little!
Not a care in the world, except the next approach you'll take...
to how you'll roll down a hill.
Though I make it a point to live in the moment with them, there are times like these where I cannot help but capture them as they are. It is a time like this where there is nothing more beautiful than to grab my camera and watch through the glass. They giggle uncontrollably and the click of the image that is emblazoned in my mind and in my heart will be printed onto paper, forever leaving a memory that represents everything it is-
to be little.


  1. Oh to be little...I think that is why I teach little ones....because they teach us everyday! And reminds us what is important! I love my babies so much!

  2. Love this photograph, it brings me back to my childhood straight away and rolling down hills with my sisters, completely care-free. Visiting from SITS today :)


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