Thursday, September 25, 2014

saying goodbye is never easy, even to those with fur

This morning, Kieran hand fed Dreyfuss his kale and a few carrots. We had some extra time and he made sure that he ate everything before we left. 
Dreyfuss has not gotten out of his cage during the day very often since we brought home Murray, but he's been sneaking  some hops in at night when Murray is in his crate and covered for the night. 
Tonight, he had come out, and my sweet Tatum was sitting next to him while he let her pet him. She played with him ever so sweetly.
I grabbed my phone from upstairs to take a picture of the two of them, but by the time I came back down, the photo op was gone as he had hopped away, but it's still in my heart. Then, we all went upstairs to do baths, book and bed.
Every one of my babies has come home to Dreyfuss when they were born. I have pictures with each of them with him, there's just too many tears to find them right now.
A Holland Lop, the movie Mr. Holland's Opus, Mr. Holland played by Richard Dreyfuss...Dreyfuss.
Saying goodbye is never easy, but my sweet furry friend who has given us unconditional love for 13 years (yes, a 13 year old rabbit) went quietly in his sleep this evening after the kids had played with him and gone to bed.
He wasn't sick at all, he just lived an amazing rabbit life...
and I'm missing him so dearly, already.

Monday, September 22, 2014

a little each day, not a lot!

It wasn't nap time yet, I promise!
I've been back in my groove and trying to clean, get organized and take back control over all the things that fell a mess while working. I'm doing great so far, but I'm pretty sure the message was loud and clear on Liam's part...
he was so bored, it seemed like the perfect time to take a nap!
Monday's lesson: Do a little each day, so I have more time to play!

Sunday, September 7, 2014

it's all how you look at it {life lessons through soccer}

Soccer season has officially started...
and I'm officially a Stay-at-Home Mama for a year!
I'm having a difficult time trying to separate myself from my job as a school counselor, I feel as though I am on the outside looking in on someone else's life, almost as if a dream about not being able to start school on time because we couldn't get the scheduling completed.
Don't get me wrong, I am filled with gratitude that I am able to take this year off, I've never been able to be at home with my kids and it's a gift I never imagined would be possible! 
I've had the best of both worlds and I've often had to pinch myself because I love what I do as a school counselor, and I love being a mom. Working part-time (not really, but that's what the books say ;)), has been a great gig! I feel as though I've been on this train that has continued steadily down it's path, and while I haven't been derailed, the conductor finally chose to put me on another track. I know not the destination, except that I have to see things in a different way than I have been and I caught a glimpse of it through soccer, of all things. All of it, for me, applies to both of my jobs as a counselor and a mom, my marriage, my friendships and daily interactions.
In times of uncertainty...
light can always be found.
When you're trying to keep your opponent from scoring a goal while your team is winning 5-0 and you are the one that makes it 5-1, your coach if he's good (and he is),
still pats you on the back to let you know, "Hey, it's okay!"
When it's your turn to get into the game,
always let your teammate know that you are there for them even when they feel disappointment.
It's sometimes difficult,
but you have to be patient.
Tackle life head on, as if to say,
"You want a piece of me?" "I've got this, let's do it!"
Keep your eye on the prize...
life keeps moving whether you are on the train or not, stick with it, it's worth the ride.
Find a reason to smile,
even if you've lost.
When you smile,
it makes you feel better, along with others around you.
Don't forget to laugh...
it truly is the best medicine so whoever wrote that line was a genius.
Take a slice out of life,
and don't worry what others think.
Enjoy every last sweet, juicy, delicious bite,
as if it were your last, we're only here for a short while.
There's a song that's in my head, can't remember who wrote it, who sings it, but it goes:
"It's all how you look at it, all how you look at it, all how you look at it, it's really up to you".
Thank you, soccer season. Thank you, Family.
Let the journey begin!
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