Tuesday, April 29, 2014

six {happy birthday, dear anna}

A kick in the pants.
Talented artist.
A kick in the pants…oh, did I say that already?
going on sixteen.
How did April 28, 2008 become 2014?
I feel like you've gone from this:
to this:
in a matter of minutes.
You test me, 
push me to my limits,
challenge me, 
and challenge me some more.
And you know what?
I wouldn't change a thing.
My heart explodes with love for you.
You make me laugh and not just laugh, but the belly aching kind that you want to stop and never end all at the same time.
At the tender age of six, you are wise beyond your years.
Every night you tell me, "Mommy, you are the best mommy anyone could ever have and you are beautiful."
In turn I tell you, "You are the best Anna anyone could ever have and you are beautiful inside and out."
And in your little fiery voice you say,
"Hug, kiss, night, bye" as we gesture the motions of our nightly ritual.
Dear Anna,
Daddy and I, Kieran, Tatum and Liam, 
love you so.
You light up our lives and you are a light to others.
Shine bright always, for all the world to see.
With All My Love,

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