Thursday, January 10, 2013

3 months, chunka-monka {liam}

Dear Liam,
I am behind again on writing about the fact that you have turned 3 months old.
3 months old and you have a personality that is larger than life. 
I must say, you might not like this later, but little dude?
There's nothing little about you.
It's not just your personality that is large...
you are one big baby!
You and your cousin Noah are just four days apart. At your baptism, a friend of your uncle's thought you were a year apart! Granted, his wife is due with their first baby so he doesn't have a whole lot to go on, but have I said that you are one big baby?
I think that you are nearly, if not already, 17 pounds. Your cousin Noah is 12.
Your big sister Anna refers to you as "chunka-monka" and how could she not?
Look at these legs!
Look closely, because it's likely that when you are a year old, you will have 10 toes. Are you confused? That's because you have eleven, or as I like to tell your daddy, 10 and a half since it's only partially formed. 5 toes on your right, 6 on your left.
It's your second toe and from the bottom, it's shaped like a heart. We kinda like it, but we think it will probably have to be removed so it doesn't impede your gait when it comes time to walking. The funny part about it all is that the first person to discover it was your daddy-not the nurse's in the hospital, not Dr. N, not Mommy. I think your daddy is proud of himself for catching this small yet significant detail. Thanks, honey.
You are an incredibly happy baby. You've been sleeping through the night on an almost regular basis since two months and it's no secret that you eat like a champ.
 I've gotten you to giggle just a tad when I tickle you under your chin and I'm excited for the day when you belly laugh like your brother and sisters did at this age.
You love to chat up a storm and smile at anyone who will chat with you.
You are constantly kissed and hugged by all of us. Chunka-Monka, you are loved!


  1. What a cutie! My daughter was also a chunk when she was a baby. It took longer than normal for her to crawl then walk! Today she is tiny and you would never know! Visiting from Saturday Sharefest.

  2. Oh, he's gorgeous! What a cutie-cutie!! Love your photographs and his big smiles :) Visiting via SITS. Happy Weekend! xo

  3. oh me oh my. the rolls! the smile!

    he is a delight! :)


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