Friday, October 25, 2013

do what weezie says... {a baby boy and his rabbit}

Someone left Dreyfuss' cage open, along with the baby gate.
I could have freaked out.
I could have let the fact that I was completely grossed out take over the moment.
Or, I could do what Weezie (my daycare provider/kids 3rd "grandma") says and quickly grab the camera.
So I did.
"Why wouldn't I crawl in and hang out with Dreyfuss?", the baby boy asked.
"You should really try this some time, it's kinda fun!", exclaimed the baby boy.
"I love this kid, but I'm making my escape while I can!", shouted the rabbit.
 "Hey, where are you going?", wondered the baby boy.
And with that, the baby boy followed his furry four legged, thirteen year old rabbit friend out of the cage. 
Meanwhile, their mama learned that life's moments may not always be clean,
but they are a click away from missing.  
This one,
was priceless.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

sweet dreams...

It's what happens sometimes when I'm running around trying to do different things for different littles. Most of the time I'm spot on with their schedules and doing the nightly routine.
Sleep is so important, that I think I ought to take my own advice and get more of it. I am always sure to see to it that they are well-rested.
Then there's days like today, that just happen and I quietly click away before taking them up to bed.
There is something so sweet about a sleeping baby, even on the couch or in the high chair. 
Yes, today was one of those days, but just like my parents said to me every night, so do I say to all four of them.

Sweet dreams,
Happy face in the morning, 

I love you sweet sleeping babes.

Monday, October 7, 2013

on a sunday afternoon...

Feeling ever so blessed,
to be able to pick up and go to the zoo for a few hours on a Sunday afternoon to enjoy each other's company.
We've been countless times, but we always marvel at the greatness of these animals.
We watch them with great respect and know that we are guests to them.
My personal favorite are the gibbons, but I would be remiss if I didn't mention the elephants.
Cousin Gina and her husband Jeff are the elephant keepers and they work fiercely and lovingly day in and day out to bring awareness and education on the plight of elephants and the ivory trade.
Gina is passionate about her job, the "ele's", elephants around the world, and of all animals. You can read more from Gina here and also how you can help elephants here and here.

photo credit: Oakland Zoo

photo credit: Stephen Woo

Each time we go to the zoo, we make a point to try and see Gina. Kieran had me text her today, but we missed her! 
We are lucky to have Gina as a cousin and the elephants are lucky to have someone as passionate as she is, in preserving their beautiful lives.
We love you, Gina!

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