Thursday, August 19, 2010

a flat tire first

Today, I walked to work. At 28 1/2 weeks pregnant, and not exercising like I should, this seemed like a great idea! Okay, so I wasn't walking by choice, at least not a couple miles anyway. I walked because Erik had to take my SUV to pick up our new tile (which by the way, if you are going to have a fridge leak, you might as well have a new's going to be beautiful!). Granted, we have two cars (which my husband adores), but I am ridiculously lame in that I cannot drive a stick. Well I could if I had to, but I'm not really interested in burning rubber, grinding gears and bouncing up and down before I kill the engine (all things I've done) with two kids in car seats so that I can feel like a total idiot! 
So, this morning I notice that my tires are low and the pump is in the back of my car. No biggie, I'll be okay I think to myself. Kieran and Anna were so happy to be going for a nice little walk!
We arrived at my school so that I could unload a few things before heading the rest of the way to daycare.
We're still happy.
I decided that instead of taking the neighborhood streets that I'd take the greenbelt. It's peaceful, it's quiet, and I purposefully avoided one of the streets that is a good uphill climb. Not a big deal when you aren't pregnant, but pushing two kids and a good 24 pounds of additional baby weight, a big deal.
Even though I overshot where I was supposed to return, I was really thankful I wasn't on the uphill climb when one of my tires seemed to be getting really!
Then, the sound of pavement, and it wasn't my footsteps, it was the wheel. My right rear tire...completely flat. I called Erik to tell him that he forgot to air up my tires. Okay, so I forgot to ask him, but I made sure to tell him anyway! Two 1/2 kids and a flat tire, really? The kids were still happy, me not so much.
I made Kieran get out and walk to take out some of the weight, but the stroller could go no more.
A flat tire first. It's okay Bumbleride, I still love you! (not paid, it's just stroller love!)
When it became increasingly difficult to hold up the stroller any longer for fear of damaging the wheel, it was Anna's turn to hit the road...or so I thought.
Thank goodness by this point, daycare was in sight and my lovely walk ended there. I borrowed my daycare lady's (who is my angel by the way) car to drive back to work and Erik picked us up at the end of the day. I knew there was a reason to bring my camera this morning! It's documented anyway, and I can look back in another year and see where life has taken us. Thanks to my friend, Melissa, I can celebrate my blogoversary (well it was this past weekend, but I'm always behind) and print my posts in a memory book (which I'll be doing this weekend)!
It's been a great ride so far, flat tire and all.


  1. I cannot believe your stroller got a flat tire!!! That sounds like something that would happen to me. We have a HUGE hill going into our neighborhood and with my luck, it would happen at the bottom!!

  2. I love that you had your camera with you to document this! And, happy 1 year blogoversary! So glad you decided to blog! :)

  3. Craziness!!!! What's the deal bumbleride? There is no AAA for strollers.
    I wish my pinkalicious one was your color! I totally thought I would just keep having girls when I bought it.


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