Tuesday, March 27, 2012

happy 6th birthday, dear kieran

My sweet, sweet, baby boy.
How ever did you become 6? 
I asked you and you told me, "I waited really, really, patiently, Mommy."
I remember the day you were born, like it was yesterday.
You are nothing short of amazing.
You bring joy to all my days, even on the ones where you test my patience.
Your smile lights up a room, your laughter fills my heart.
I could not be more honored to be your mommy.
You have a heart of gold, a strength that lifts me up,
you are and always will be,
my baby boy.

6th Birthday Interview:
What's your favorite color? Black
What is your favorite thing to do? Play Wii
What do you like about Anna? I like that she's crazy all the time.
What do you like about Tatum? I like how I play with her.
What is your favorite toy? My Nerf Rapid Fire.
What do you like best about Kindergarten? Playing at lunch time.
What do you like about being 6? I get to run faster

I love you, Kieran!
Happy 6th Birthday!
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