Monday, May 23, 2011

i heart faces: yellow

I haven't entered in a while...
and thought I would because, why not?
This week's theme was yellow...
and this image makes me happy!
Happy Monday!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

6 months

Dear Tatum,
On May 11th, you turned 6 months!
I promise I actually took your pictures on the actual day...
it's just taken me several more to actually write this post!
Your doctor's appointment is next week, so I don't have all your stats yet,
but in my book,
you are
Anna and Kieran love to make you giggle and are quite accomplished at this! If you are ever unhappy, I don't even have to ask, they just go straight to you to make sure you are okay.
Oh, Tatum! You are so very, very, loved.
We get a kick at your chatter-box talk,

and playing peek-a-boo games.
You grab at everything, 
and you rarely ever cry! Daddy loves to make you smile.
You started eating baby food just before 6 months. Already, you love oatmeal, pears, apples, bananas, sweet potatoes. You haven't met anything you haven't liked (now let's hope that it stays that way and you don't fall into the "picky eater" trap that we'll call Kieran and Anna!). Your best "trick" is kicking your legs in the bath tub, and using your feet to scoot backwards when laying down.
You do not sit up or roll over yet, but it's okay, it's 'cause of your extra chunkiness. :)
And I love every last roll.
You've met your half year mark, my love.
And I've loved every last minute.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

every day is mother's day

Every day is Mother's Day.
A new day dawns and I am
elated to have another day at being a mother, at doing things just a little better than 
the day before.
The sun sets and I am 
exhausted at the very thought that tomorrow will come and I 
will go through the routine all over again.
Still, it is welcomed.
Perfection isn't something that I'm striving for...
as they are perfectly imperfect.
They love me unconditionally...
as I do them.
Their daddy made sure that I knew how special I am with a card, roses, a plant, and a special dinner. 
It was all very sweet and delicious and of course, welcomed.
Yet, every day is mother's day as I wake to take on the joy that is 
the joy that is
the joy that is
I cannot deny that I do not have my moments, the ones where I feel as though the ground is coming out from under me, where I feel as though there isn't enough air to breathe.
Of course, I learned to be a mother
from my mother, who is everything to me and more.
She's taught me everything I know about being a mother, and then some.
Nothing changes as I grow older, comfort is still found in my mother's arms.
I hope that my children will feel the same.
Every day is mother's day and I thank God that he has given me this gift.

Monday, May 2, 2011

i wonder...

I wonder what she's thinking...
because I know what I am.
I wonder what she'll look like with more hair?
I wonder when she'll roll over (she's just so darn chubby, but I love it!)?
I wonder when her first teeth will come in?
I wonder what baby food she'll like?
She knows only what she sees. I wish I could protect her from so many things in this world, and I know that I cannot. So, the only thing I can do is to shower her with love and kindness; teach her, even now, because she is already learning. 
She gazes at me and smiles and then I do the same. 
I wonder what it's like to live in her perfect world?
It only lasts for so long.
If only for a brief moment, I get lost in the wonder. 
Everything goes silent as though the world is standing still.
It's the powerful force that pulls at my heartstrings, that can only be a mother's love.
Be still my heart, my mind, my soul.
I wonder what she's thinking...

once upon a dream...

Saturday was Anna's Sleeping Beauty birthday party, 
she was sooooo excited, she kept asking if it was time to leave!
Anna spotted Sleeping Beauty right away and greeted her immediately.
Claire and Anna were the two most talkative of the group, it was super cute. Originally, it was a girls only party, but my nephew Gabriel thought she was hot stuff, too :)
First, Anna was deemed royalty...
so much so that she wore two tiaras (the one from Sleeping Beauty and from me)!

Then, Sleeping Beauty told her story and performed some magic. Anna was in awe, the entire time!
I love a good party, but this one was seriously the best ever. I loved it so much, I even shed a few tears. I know that sounds a little much, I'm not a Toddler and Tiara kind of gal, by any means. It was the sheer fact that Anna was so appreciative and was meeting the REAL Sleeping Beauty. 
Sleeping Beauty was so crafty, she even painted faces!
Anna was truly in heaven,
and so were all her princess friends!
I still can't believe my Anna is 3. This was such a great day, with family and friends.
Thank you, Sleeping Beauty! You made Anna's dreams come true!

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