Monday, February 18, 2013

4 months {liam}

My darling,
chunkier than chunky,
 4 month, 18 pound 11.5 oz  96th percentile chunk
 You light up my days with your laughter, and your ability to draw anyone to you with your amazing smile.
Kieran, Anna and Tatum must kiss you a thousand times a day.
Your daddy adores you.
You have found your sweet hands that also grab on to my shirt when you nurse. You have yet to roll over because of your size.
Eventually, that time will come and it will come all too soon.
For now, I relish in your stationary cuteness as we lock eyes and you talk you away. Even when you are under the weather, your happiness finds a way to shine through.
Our light, our love,
our Liam.

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