Tuesday, February 12, 2013

on a saturday morning {when she's got a cold}

On a Saturday morning, when she's got a cold,
you can find her...
creating a storyline.
She focuses intently on what Minnie will wear and what she'll say.
She'd rather be outdoors, running like the wind.
Instead, this Saturday, the only thing running was her nose.
I inch toward her to capture her in her toddler delight. She knows not my presence...
her hair in tangles, glued to her face from the night's unrest,
she quietly dialogues and sings.
Amidst the struggles to breathe freely, she still eats waffles and gives her hair a fresh coat of syrup.
On this Saturday morning, she is still able to make the best of a day...
and smile.

1 comment :

  1. Oh Tatum..how I love you! I have had the privilege to hear all your little songs and spy on you when you do not know I am around. Oh Kristin, how I love reading this.....and I love your sneaky photography!


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