Tuesday, March 5, 2013

it's going too fast...

It's going too fast...
I want it all to slow down.
Each morning he coos, beckoning me, "Come and get me, Mommy!" 
"I'm waiting to see you!"
Like his siblings when they were babies, he sees me and smiles. It's a smile so big, it would melt anyone's heart, only he melts mine that much more.
I'm his mommy and I'm filled with gratitude that he belongs to us. 
and looking a bit melancholy, 
he takes it all in as he watches his brother and sisters play at the park. 
How did he get big enough to ride in the stroller without his infant seat?
I soak in every waking moment with him, even the tired and melancholy. 
His fuzzy hair, his baby smell, his belly giggles when I tickle him under his chin.
Life is such a miracle.
Without a shadow of a doubt, he is one that makes it worth living!
He loves unconditionally as does God, 
and so it is up to me to cherish that gift, that blessing,
and return it as fiercely as I know how.

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