Monday, May 2, 2011

once upon a dream...

Saturday was Anna's Sleeping Beauty birthday party, 
she was sooooo excited, she kept asking if it was time to leave!
Anna spotted Sleeping Beauty right away and greeted her immediately.
Claire and Anna were the two most talkative of the group, it was super cute. Originally, it was a girls only party, but my nephew Gabriel thought she was hot stuff, too :)
First, Anna was deemed royalty...
so much so that she wore two tiaras (the one from Sleeping Beauty and from me)!

Then, Sleeping Beauty told her story and performed some magic. Anna was in awe, the entire time!
I love a good party, but this one was seriously the best ever. I loved it so much, I even shed a few tears. I know that sounds a little much, I'm not a Toddler and Tiara kind of gal, by any means. It was the sheer fact that Anna was so appreciative and was meeting the REAL Sleeping Beauty. 
Sleeping Beauty was so crafty, she even painted faces!
Anna was truly in heaven,
and so were all her princess friends!
I still can't believe my Anna is 3. This was such a great day, with family and friends.
Thank you, Sleeping Beauty! You made Anna's dreams come true!

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