Tuesday, May 10, 2011

every day is mother's day

Every day is Mother's Day.
A new day dawns and I am
elated to have another day at being a mother, at doing things just a little better than 
the day before.
The sun sets and I am 
exhausted at the very thought that tomorrow will come and I 
will go through the routine all over again.
Still, it is welcomed.
Perfection isn't something that I'm striving for...
as they are perfectly imperfect.
They love me unconditionally...
as I do them.
Their daddy made sure that I knew how special I am with a card, roses, a plant, and a special dinner. 
It was all very sweet and delicious and of course, welcomed.
Yet, every day is mother's day as I wake to take on the joy that is 
the joy that is
the joy that is
I cannot deny that I do not have my moments, the ones where I feel as though the ground is coming out from under me, where I feel as though there isn't enough air to breathe.
Of course, I learned to be a mother
from my mother, who is everything to me and more.
She's taught me everything I know about being a mother, and then some.
Nothing changes as I grow older, comfort is still found in my mother's arms.
I hope that my children will feel the same.
Every day is mother's day and I thank God that he has given me this gift.

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  1. Wow Kristin! I hope I can live up to what you wrote. I am just me! And I love you very much. So I guess that is being a good mother. You know that I love you more than my own life. I am glad that I taught you so much. It makes me proud. You see, I didn't know that I did it. I just do it.It is nice to be appreciated...so I say thank you and of course...you can never say it too many times....I love you! Love, Mommy


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