Thursday, April 28, 2011

happy 3, dear anna

Today, my sweet Anna, you are 3. 
3 years ago, this very day, you arrived into this world, and my life was forever changed.
In a year, you have grown leaps and bounds. 
Your vocabulary is enough to knock off anyone's socks. People often think you are 5 by the way that you speak. Am I in trouble? ;)
You won't have your doctor's appointment until next week, but I imagine that you are right on track, and then some.
You are mine and you are wonderful ~Rene and Jeremy

On our car ride to daycare, I asked you a few questions about life as you know it. Here is what you had to say:
Mommy: What's your favorite color?
Anna: Pink 
Mommy: What's your favorite thing to do?
Anna: Go to the park
Mommy: What do you like about Kieran?
Anna: That he goes to school (Hmm...somebody's ready for preschool herself!)
Mommy: What do you like best about Tatum?
Anna: That I get to play with her (Yay for sisters!)
Mommy: What's your favorite food?
Anna: Nuggets (Yuck, I hope that changes!)
Mommy: Who's your favorite princess?
Anna: Sleeping Beauty (Good answer...her Sleeping Beauty party is on Saturday!)

When your Auntie gave me a baby shower for you, she had everyone write a letter to you, each person had a different age until 18! Here is what my friend Donna wrote to you:

Dear Anna,
Happy 3rd birthday to a most anticipated and loved little girl.
By now you may have beautiful red hair, like your mom, or very blonde hair, like your brother. I wonder if your brother's hair will still be that blonde...? Just know that we love you and can't wait to celebrate all of your special birthdays! Did you know that your mom used to take care of Madeline when she was a baby? It gave her great practice to be the best mom to you and Kieran. 

Sweet girl, you have strawberry-blonde hair and a personality of a social butterfly. You are a light in our lives. You are a beautiful daughter and sister. 
Much Love,

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  1. Happy 3rd Birthday, Anna!!! Can't wait to celebrate you this weekend!


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