Wednesday, May 18, 2011

6 months

Dear Tatum,
On May 11th, you turned 6 months!
I promise I actually took your pictures on the actual day...
it's just taken me several more to actually write this post!
Your doctor's appointment is next week, so I don't have all your stats yet,
but in my book,
you are
Anna and Kieran love to make you giggle and are quite accomplished at this! If you are ever unhappy, I don't even have to ask, they just go straight to you to make sure you are okay.
Oh, Tatum! You are so very, very, loved.
We get a kick at your chatter-box talk,

and playing peek-a-boo games.
You grab at everything, 
and you rarely ever cry! Daddy loves to make you smile.
You started eating baby food just before 6 months. Already, you love oatmeal, pears, apples, bananas, sweet potatoes. You haven't met anything you haven't liked (now let's hope that it stays that way and you don't fall into the "picky eater" trap that we'll call Kieran and Anna!). Your best "trick" is kicking your legs in the bath tub, and using your feet to scoot backwards when laying down.
You do not sit up or roll over yet, but it's okay, it's 'cause of your extra chunkiness. :)
And I love every last roll.
You've met your half year mark, my love.
And I've loved every last minute.

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  1. What a chubby little cutie!!!! And I love the sock doll!!


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