Tuesday, April 26, 2011

happy (belated) easter

During church, she mouthed my words, sang and quietly ate her cereal, clapping at the end. 
"He's real, Mommy, he's real!" This little girl threw her arms around the Easter bunny in a crowd full of other kids when church was over. Utter adoration. 
This one informed me that the Easter bunny at school wasn't real because he saw his zipper, to which I replied that the Easter bunny has many helpers.
He had no problem hunting for eggs, but did ask fairly loudly just before the priests final blessing if Jesus was over. I hope CCD goes over a bit better.
This one was such a trooper and was such a good baby...
even when I put her in this steel tub.
We enjoyed Easter brunch at Aunt Jessica and Uncle Richard's restaurant...

and goofed around while we waited for our french toast.
What would Easter be without these?
Or Peeps?
The kids tired out Buster...
and this is what you call a tired husband who doesn't affiliate himself with the Catholic church or any organized religion, but is so wonderful that he sacrificed a round of golf to be with his family.
Let me tell you, this is big people...BIG.
(Note: Erik would not be happy that I posted this picture, but then, he doesn't read my blog anyway ;) Love you, honey!)
Boompa and Grandma-Great (Erik's grandparents) were able to see Kieran and Anna again, and meet Tatum for the first time!
I never seem to manage getting pictures with everyone, so we don't have any with Grandma & Papa and a few other relatives who were visiting!
Behold, our best attempt at a family photo:
We had a great Easter, and hope you did too!

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