Tuesday, March 29, 2011

wordless wednesday, birthday style

The cake
Happy Birthday, Dear Kieran
Happy Birthday to you!
(Note: There are lots of kiddos at the party, I just didn't include them in case someone didn't want their kid on here :) )
The jumpy
I AM your father! (we did the pinata indoors, it started to rain!)
Pin the Saber on Yoda (My FANTASTIC Mom did this for me-love you Mommy!)
Storm Trooper and Yoda Sugar Cookies-Vader & BobaFett were too hard, plus I didn't want to stay up past 1 in the morning! (the humidity made them bleed and NO these did not turn out like Williams-Sonoma but I tried!)

The Big 5
The Family (Almost...Tatum was asleep w/ Grandma)
The really ugly, tired, done with the party shot (of me of course, the baby is always cute ;))
More bouncing
Auntie Mary, Johnny, Catherine, Kieran (you should see the before and after shots...if you yell out diarrhea to my family, or anyone's I bet, they'd smile and laugh like this, too! Gross, I know, but it works!)
Grandma & Tatum (for some reason I didn't have any shots with Papa...oh well, next month for Anna's 3rd birthday!)
Galaxy Blaster
Nonno, Kieran, and Nonna
Jumping with Daddy 
When Kieran woke up the next morning after his party, we sang Happy Birthday to him when he crawled into our bed. I always get teary eyed when I sing to him on the actual day, but he quickly had me smiling. He never ceases to make me smile. He'd been waiting and asking for the last 6 months if it was his birthday and he asked again. "Wait, am I five yet?"
Yes, baby, you are.


  1. These pictures are so adorable. Just found your blog. So glad that I did.


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