Saturday, March 19, 2011

4 months

My sweet Tatum, 
You turned 4 months on the 11th. I am behind, but mainly because I'm so busy loving you! That's a good kind of busy, a busy that is delightful, delectable, divine. 
You have found your hands and feet. 
You love to grab on to toys, especially rattles. You shake, shake, shake, and are very proud of yourself for making noise! 
You giggle, sometimes uncontrollably when you think something is funny or when we tickle you under your cheeks. 
Our family and friends collectively, must have planted a billion kisses on you by now, you are that sweet!
I am not sure where the time goes, but I savor every minute of every day. 
You are taking two naps and sleeping through the night (but I won't say any more than that...fingers crossed!)!
Kieran and Anna are so wonderful with you, they are always making sure that you have what you need. Your Daddy has taken to you like any father would, and it is so sweet to see him try to get you to smile and laugh.
We'll find out at the end of month how much you have grown! 
You have blessed our lives in ways unimaginable.
Happy 4 months, sweet girl!


  1. Hi Kristin!
    Thanks for you comments on my blog! Such a neat coincidence, starting with our name! I must say I am totally envious of you already having your MA. Geez, its tough with kids. At the rate I am going (4 courses per year, thesis and practicum) I will be done in about 5 years. Yikes!
    Your blog is beautiful. Your babes are gorgeous! This photo of Tatum above is pure deliciousness! Happy belated Birthday! (I am inspired to add a bit of red to my hair after seeing your gorgeous hair in those photos!)
    Nice to meet you (in the blog way)


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