Sunday, March 13, 2011

Somehow, without fail, I make the bed and they find their way in.
I'd make the bed a thousand times over if it meant that I could freeze time. Some day, they won't do this, some day they'll be out of the house. So, when I find myself frustrated because I've made the bed over and over, I remind myself that they are only little once. These are the simple and special moments that make motherhood so sweet. When the third is old enough, she'll likely make her way to my freshly made bed, too.
I won't fret that the bed isn't perfect, I'll dive in between them and we'll laugh to our heart's content.

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  1. I know why you have so much material for your blog...those kids keep you going and going with so much love and material to write about. As usual, I shed tears of joy! Thank you once again for seeing the little things are so important! Wish I could be there to jump in with you! I use to jump in with you and Jennifer all the time! Those were the days! I love you Kristin!


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