Saturday, March 5, 2011

first cut(s)

Friday was a momentous occasion. I said I'd wait until Anna was three. I couldn't bear the thought of scissors to these beautiful locks:
Her hair is getting so long though, it's becoming more difficult to do her hair quickly in her usual piggies or pony.
So we decided it was time, just shy of her third birthday next month, since she was looking a bit scraggly:
I love the place that I take the kids to get their haircuts. It's perfect because it's just for kids!
I asked Anna if she would like Kieran to go first, thinking that she might need a little encouragement.
No, not Anna. What was I thinking? She's little miss independent, little miss extrovert, little miss I can do anything and be anything! I love this about her!
Anna fished for plastic fish and had her haircut without a problem. See the saved locks on the counter? I still have mine in a little envelope in my baby book!
Just an inch, that's all we took, but Anna was so excited to see the finished product since she had a beautiful braid. She thought she looked just like Rapunzel :)
Some pretty sparkles for the finishing touches,
and an apple lollipop to make her lips pucker and she was good to go!
That is, until this...
her first cut on her head that landed us in the ER.
Anna didn't have a nap today because she was too excited that Nonna was here to visit. No nap for Anna means crazy in the afternoon and evening. She gets a second wind of sorts and the energy just explodes from her body. Silly girl that she is, she took a dive for Tatum's Nap Nanny and overshot. The fireplace won.
I'm so thankful that my mom was there to stay behind with Kieran and Tatum, while Erik and I took our sweet Anna. Erik asked me how Kieran would have handled the situation had it been him. Ha! The difference between Kieran and Anna. No matter what the situation, Anna will always stop crying quickly, because she doesn't want anyone to worry about her. Kieran? The tiniest of splinters could get him and he'd be wailing telling you the sky is falling. Anna=Me, Kieran=Erik. 
The nurses and doctors were blown away by the way she communicated with them and thought she was the best patient ever!
A little soap and water and some purple dermabond, and Anna thanked them and asked if she could then leave. "I'm all better, just a little glue". A few Disney Princess stickers and we were in and out in an hour and a half. 
Let's hope for no big events or more cuts for Sunday, that's enough for one weekend!


  1. I am so happy my Anna is ok. I can't help but feel a little guilty because she did not nap because of me! I am so grateful that she is o.k. God Bless my sweet sweet Anna. She is a sweet princess for sure and her locks are as pretty as Rapunzel I love you Anna! I love you Kristin! Love, Mommy and Nonna!

  2. I found your blog on SITS. We both commented on the cute photo of the little boy and his baby neighbor. Speaking of cute photos...these are adorable!! I love her blonde hair!

  3. Oh my goodness!!! Her poor little forehead! What a tough girl :) Sweet too! Happy Saturday new blog friend!


  4. I'm glad she's okay! My daughter is 3 and also had to have Dermabond before.


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