Monday, February 7, 2011

joy of love 4: what they wear

Even though I have a totally awesome joy of love 3: then and now, I didn't ask my family friend if I could post it, so I wanted to respect his privacy. If I do ask, I'll post it later. 
In the meantime, on with joy of love 4: what they wear.
I am behind so many days that these next few posts will all be on the same day. I just got lucky and many of the pictures that I took on one day, all fit in with the prompts that are ahead. Hopefully, this will get me caught up to speed.

ISO 400 f 1.4 1/500
This is my daughter's bracelet from her baptism this past weekend, given to her by my Auntie Mary, who also happens to be my godmother. My daughter, Anna, has a bracelet just like it and I love them. It "grows with you" so as they get older, you can add the beads, so pretty! Love you, Auntie Mary :)

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