Thursday, February 3, 2011

joy of love 1 & 2

The joy of love. Just this one little sentence alone, fills my heart, fills my soul. 
I am taking part in a 28-day free, yes I said free, course by Willette called, the joy of love. To offer something like this is so great, and I am truly appreciative. Each day a new prompt is given and another excuse to have my camera in hand is created. 
I am already behind, but then, what else is new? 
I am using this opportunity as a way to learn, and better my photography!
I missed Tuesday and shot post 1 & 2 on Wednesday. Now, here's to staying on track!

Joy of Love 1: What They Do
Anna on the trampoline at daycare
f 2.5 1/125 ISO 200 

Joy of Love 2: How They Look

f 1.4...probably shouldn't be shooting wide open, but was having difficulty changing my settings 1/180 ISO 1600...very little light left in the house, but was able to take the shot w/o flash. 

Kieran is always game for taking his picture. He likes to look on the LCD screen to see his latest pose :)

Stay tuned for daily Joy of Love posts!


  1. Beautiful shot. I think the setting on the second one were perfect.

  2. I seem to be falling behind too! :) Love the static hair - these are cute!

  3. These are fantastic. I think shooting wide open on that last shot was the perfect decision. It rocks.


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