Wednesday, January 13, 2010

test bunny

Erik thinks I am a picky eater. I have to say, I eat a lot of things, but there are two things I just can't do...sushi and rabbit. I've never even tried sushi and I don't have any desire to. I am sure that rabbit probably tastes good, but it's very difficult for me to even sit next to someone who has it on their plate. For one very simple reason:

You won't find me buying anything that is tested on animals, but Dreyfuss was my test subject today. I'm venturing out into the world of manual, people. That's right, I took the dial off of idiot mode. And though I still feel like an idiot while trying to find my way, I am reading & watching online, waiting for my photo 101 book to come in the mail, and am anxiously awaiting my online photography class to begin in March! Since I'm mostly taking shots of the kids, and my sweet bunny (yes, he belongs to me, the 32 year old mommy) is getting up there in age, he so kindly posed for me while coming up to me for loves in between.

So stinkin' cute!
If you're reading this and you think, "Oh, so cute, I'd love one for (fill in the blank) and we'll surprise him on Easter!". Think again. Dreyfuss was not purchased as an Easter present, and to save you time on the research, they live 8-10 years. :)

I SO wish I knew what I was doing, some day I hope to take pictures of my kids (real ones, as in not my bunny) that are as beautiful as so many of the mom's out there who turned their love of photography into a business! I don't think that will be me, but I'm determined to learn and be proud of what I've accomplished.

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  1. Dreyfuss is such an adorable bunny. Of course I am a little bit biased since I am his part time bunny sitter. He brings so much joy to people. He is quiet loving animal. Love the pictures Kristin. You will treasure these pictures forever and so will Anna and Kieran. I can't believe I missed this blog!


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