Monday, January 18, 2010

first flick

Oh, the pure joy and excitement that beamed from Kieran's face as we entered the movie theatre! As we pulled the door open and walked up the ramp, I quietly whispered to him that we were going to see a really big screen. I don't think he quite understood the magnitude of 'big screen' until he actually saw it before his eyes. There it was, in all its glory and as a way to acknowledge his approval, a pump of a fist, followed by a "yes!", I took my mental picture and stored it away as another great memory with my little boy. The Princess and the Frog was a nice change of pace, since Kieran's latest obsession comes in the form of autobots and decepticons aka, Transformers (thanks, Daddy). A darling storyline of working hard in life, following your dreams, and instead of wanting, having everything you need, it was a welcome change! It was clear to see that this little critic thought that the movie was fantastic, as he sat in my lap and clapped profusely. As an added bonus, Nonna Jean came along for the experience, and even though this was her third time seeing the movie, it was all about taking her grandson, my son, to his very first flick.

at the end of the movie

we ate a ton of popcorn!

it's not aunt jessica's ice cream from her creamery, but kieran can't pass it up!

chocolate is his favorite

nonna jean and kieran

capturing the momentous occasion

what a great day!

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  1. I cant wait to see the princess and the frog. Hopefuly it will come to our small twon local theatre soon!


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