Thursday, January 21, 2010

rain, rain, and more rain

The weather forecast is: rain, rain, and more rain. I'm a little sick of it already (though we really need it), but when you are almost four, the rain is great, especially when you have a yellow rain coat and Batman boots. 

To be (almost) four again...

to just let loose and enjoy...

all that the earth has to offer.

To be (almost) four again...
I think I should take his lead.


  1. How adorable! He reminds me of my nephew. Wish I liked the rain that much!! :-)

    Found your blog through the I ♥ Faces community and I'm now following!

  2. Kristin, I loved the photo's. Good job on the photography. I am glad you had me get the yellow rain coat. It's perfect. Take your lead from Kieran. I always thought I was kind of nuts because I still do stuff like he does. Even if you are not 4, you can still do 4 year old catching rain drops on your tongue. Maybe I do those kinds of things because I teach kids all day and they teach me! I love youx0x0x0 Mommy

  3. Cute Blog! It's been raining this week here in Arizona too, witch is unusual for us.

    Happy Saturday Sharefest!

  4. These photos are priceless!! I loved them.

    Thanks for stopping by and for following...I am going to follow you too!

  5. Stopping by from SITS to wish you a happy SITS sharefest!! Hope you're having an amazing Saturday!!


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