Saturday, September 19, 2009

these boots are made for walkin'...

It's the end of the week, thank God! Friday's are always especially fun for Kieran and Anna because most, if not all, of the "big kids" as we call them are over at Weezie's. The big kids, oh how Kieran loves the big kids! He rarely naps at Weezie's anymore, we call it resting. He lays on the couch for an hour or so, his little body wrestling back and forth, back and forth, questioning when everyone will be home. Very similar to when he wakes up in the morning and asks me if he's 4 yet. I patiently tell him no, and that I like it just fine that he's 3, and he later agrees. Just about anything goes on Friday's at Weezie's so when I walked in the door, she told me to go find my son outside because he was in a dress and wouldn't my husband like that one?! Being that my mom is a preschool teacher, I know that it is a function of imaginative play for a boy to play dress up, so really, none of this phases me, other than the fact that I think it's extremely funny! Erik hasn't seen these and would probably not approve, but as Auntie Mary always says, "Too bad, so sad!". I think this is becoming my new favorite quote. And on that note, Weezie's son Chris asked how I liked my new tranny (jokingly, of course). Here he is, a back scratcher for his wand, a witch's dress, and pink boots on the wrong feet:

Tran or Treat!

I'll get you my pretty!

Kieran was upset when I told him he had to take off his dress and boots because it was time to go. Once I told him he could wear them again on Monday, all was right with the world. Kieran can dress up like this any time he wants, indoors, at Weezie's and not on October 31st. Are you ready boots? 
Start walkin'!

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  1. I never posted a comment on this one. And now I am! It was one of my favorites. Kieran is sooo funny and sweet and fun to be around. I love you Kieran.


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