Tuesday, September 1, 2009

10 on tuesday

1. Kieran came home and checked out the progress on the primer and said, "Holy smokes! It's everywhere!" So, not funny for you, but funny for me because I've never heard him say holy smokes.
2. Instead of turning on the idiot box, I had Anna watch the Kieran show while she ate dinner. She seemed to enjoy watching him play with his dinosaurs and animals, just as much she does Little Einsteins or Backyardigans.

You can't tell from the picture, but that's a dinosaur in his hand.
3. Anna is an incredible eater. Tonight's menu consisted of lamb, broccoli, string cheese, and peaches. 
4. As babies, I taught Kieran and Anna sign language for "all done". Here it is in action:
 5. And here's what Anna looks like when she's pissed off (because I was trying to get a better action shot of "all done"):
  6. Anna did not have any teeth until close to a year. At 15 months, she had four. At 16 months, she has her central and lateral incisors on top and bottom, two second molars on top and a second molar on the bottom. This is weird people. Second molars aren't supposed to come in until 23-33 months! I'll have my father-in-law check it out just in case I'm seeing things (he's a periodontist)!
 7. I miss my sister and I'm looking forward to seeing her at the end of the month!
8. I'm looking forward to spending Labor Day weekend in Tahoe.
9.  I've worn a new outfit every day at work since last Tuesday. In one word? Amazing. I think the last time I could say that was when my aunt used to take my sister and I shopping at the Esprit Outlet...
in the late 80s.
Wow! I didn't even know that it still existed!
10. The last time Kieran went to bed at 6:15, he must've been Anna's age. While I was talking to my sister on the phone, I noticed it was quiet. In Kieran's world, quiet is NOT good. I got worried when he didn't answer. When he told me was tired, he wasn't kidding. 
Next time, I'll listen to him a bit better!

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  1. Yay for the Kieran show! Claire is such a good eater also...maybe it is a 2nd born thing? And, I TOTALLY used to go to the Esprit outlet when I was in middle school!! I can't believe it is still around. We should go someday. haha!


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