Monday, September 28, 2009


Even though it was broiling in Sonoma this past weekend, it was a really fun 2 1/2 days. We took the kids to Adobe Farms Pumpkin Patch-check out the link, it's not directly to the site, but to a video that has Jennifer, Jessy and Adriana on it when she was a little thing!):

Taking a walk thru the vineyard

Fields of flowers @ Adobe Farms

Running with excitement, even in the hot weather!


I guess this is the pumpkin we would have bought, I was too hot to even think, so we'll have to go to another pumpkin patch near home! Can't have too many pumpkin pictures :)

An attempt at a family picture...Mom is the photographer, Jessy is containing Gabriel, Jennifer and I attempting to get the kids to pose, but it's just too hot!
And to Traintown:

Riding on the train 

Taking everything in 

Adriana knows that I've snapped her picture :)

Anna attempting to hold Gabriel's hand, he said "no" :)

Both dripping, and melting from the heat!

Last ride of the day!

We also went to a wedding reception that was so much fun! They had a photo booth to record the memories-we got to keep them, and the second print out got glued into the guest book-such fun!

It was such a great weekend, I didn't want it to end. Normally, I don't cry when my sister leaves, but this time, I did. We love it when our kids are together, they have such a great time. I think it was more difficult for me this time around, because I won't see my sister until Christmas, which seems like such a long time away! I know it will be here before we know it, and I certainly don't want to wish the days away. I'm officially giving up on reading Twilight (sorry, just not my style), and have stolen picked up my mom's copy of  The Last Lecture. I have only just begun to read it, and I know that there are plenty of tears in store, but it's something that I connected with straight out of the gates-that's the only way I'll read! And, it's something I connected with because it is about real life, and living that life to the fullest. I thank God for the family I have, and the life I have been given. I am so very, very, blessed.


  1. Kristin I truly loved this story! I felt like I was in a fairy tale..only I was such a part of the story. I felt the same way as you! I hope that you make a copy of every story that you have written..because each one is so precious and from the heart....not to mention that you are a great writer. I know there is a story in there somewhere. Maybe that is why you don't like to read so much....because you should be writing the stories. I love you ...Mommy

  2. you just made me cry. i really hope i get to move home soon so i don't have to miss you and the kids so much...i love you!!!!


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