Tuesday, September 8, 2009

10 on tuesday

10 things to share with you this Tuesday evening, all on Labor Day weekend:

1. Didn't think I'd ever buy a pair of Crocs...well, I didn't. Erik bought me a pair of Crocs at the ski sale, but when I pulled the second pair out, I suddenly liked my shoes even better! I don't think I'd ever wear an outfit that matches Anna, but this is WAY TOO CUTE!
2. When you think you need the top of the line stroller, remember who you are buying it for! (Actually, I really love our Peg and Bumbleride Indie Twin and so do the kids-they are the best!) This cheap ride was the entertainment for the weekend. Both Kieran and Anna were "fighting" over who got to ride in it next!
3. I was sick for pretty much all of Labor Day weekend, but one of my most peaceful moments was watching the Tahoe sunset by myself. Not bad for an iPhone pic!
4. We didn't really have the chance to go anywhere since I was sick, but we did get to watch the fireworks at the top of the hill above my in-laws house. Kieran waited for it all weekend and it was definitely worth it!
5. Anna just LOVES her daddy. If you say his name, even mention that he's anywhere near, she goes running. Keep workin' it baby girl!
6. My buddy , my buddy , wherever I go, she goes! Remember those dolls from the 80s? I never had one, but the song comes to mind a lot lately since Anna wants to say and do everything that Kieran does. If Kieran runs in the wind, Anna runs in the wind. Anna idolizes Kieran. 
7. If ever there were a picture that says, "where did my baby go?", this one would be it for me. For some reason, my sweet Anna looks all grown up here! Don't ya think?
8. And this my friends, was the one of the main reasons for going to Tahoe-Fantasy Football draft. No, I don't participate, I haven't the slightest idea who any of the players are and find it amazing that they (the Ps', A's, B's, K's, Y's) can keep it all straight! This is some serious drafting going on folks-for the last 10 years, and that's just with this league! Erik and his dad have been doing Fantasy Football for 20 years! Notice the (5) laptops (which by the way, were hooked up to ichat for those who couldn't be there), (2) cell phones, Fantasy Football draft board, and not pictured, one delicious breakfast of scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage, cowboy potatoes, and fruit made by my mother-in-law!
9. Peek-a-boo! The simple joys in life!
10. This was a show that only Anna could put on! She had us all laughing during the draft. If you've seen Parenthood , then you remember the bucket scene-she walked around until I stopped her from running into things :).

Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend, too!

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