Wednesday, March 13, 2013

it will be here soon...{he's turning seven}

It will be here soon...
he's turning seven and I'm not quite sure how we got here. 
I know that he's the sweetest, most kind-hearted boy.
He is helpful, loving and gentle.
He tests my patience and in those moments I don't always feel like I am being the best mama to him.
Yet, he never ceases to amaze me when he tells me that I am the best mommy in the world, that I am beautiful.
At days away from seven, he has grown physically, emotionally, and spiritually.
He's found a passion in hip hop dancing and when I attempted to use it as leverage, it brought about the most amazing words he's ever spoken.
"No, Mommy! Not hip hop!"
"I dream to dance!"
I'm stopped in my tracks. True passion...I have no other words.
He's a football throwing, basketball bouncing, minecraft building, Skylander playing, hip hop dancing, tree skiiing, faith inquiring, fun-loving big brother, kind of kid.
He is my first born and he's turning seven in fourteen days.
I'd go back in a heartbeat to relive it all, patience tests and everything.
He tells me he'll hug and kiss me even when he's old...
and I know at seven years young,
he means
It will be here soon...
and my heart is filled with love with the gift that we named,
Kieran Andrew.

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