Tuesday, January 24, 2012

a couple of beers later...

When Kieran started Kindergarten, a couple of dad's sent out an email encouraging participation in the YMCA Adventure Guides. It's a program that gives dad's the opportunities to bond with their sons (as well as their daughters for the father/daughter program). 
"No way!", my husband said. "Not doing it."
It's not that he isn't in to hanging out with Kieran. He loves taking him to the driving range, tinkering in the garage, and most recently playing with the slot car race track that he built for Kieran for Christmas.
It was more the time commitment. The thought of taking something else on, along with our already busy schedules.
I told Erik that I wanted him to go to the first meeting, just to check it out. There was no pressure involved. If he didn't want to do it, then he didn't have to, plain and simple.
The dads all met at one of our local bars. Two hours and a couple of beers later, Erik came home. I said nothing. 
He informed me that he would do it. 
"Yes!", I secretly rejoiced.
I spend a great deal of time with the kids and though I know Erik would like to spend more, it can often be difficult for him. He's a hard worker. He wants to provide for us and he does. I can't imagine the weight that he must feel some days in order to keep our ship sailing. 
I know this is important and I cannot say that it isn't.
It's just that the seconds, the minutes, the hours, the days, the years...
they run away from us.
They don't look back.
I wanted Erik and Kieran to have this experience so that they could take hold of time and say, "We did this, we did this together". 
Their car, #10 with the lightning bolts, built the night before. It had been a stressful week at work for Erik and it was looking next to near impossible that they'd participate. They would miss the deadline for the design awards and even then, many of the dads would compliment my duo on their craft. 
As they put the finishing touches and tested it out, I could not have been more proud. Erik, as excited as a kid, and Kieran, well he's just a happy kid, excited about everything!
Off to the Pinewood Derby they went. Their car would come in second place a few times, but never placed for a trophy. Of course, we had to teach Kieran that it was okay he didn't win (he actually cried a little). 
Meanwhile, Little Miss Mischief was keeping herself entertained...

and the baby well,

she knows just how to get others to entertain her.
Just like that, the derby was over.
Kieran's tears quickly transformed into smiles after earning a ribbon, Erik talked about their design for next year (again, I quietly rejoice), 
and my boys were able to share this moment...
For this, I am truly grateful.

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