Monday, January 9, 2012


something one wishes to overcome,
fearful of what will come next, 
elated when one has risen to the occasion.
When I lose my patience, I have deep regret, only to know that tomorrow is a new day. Better yet, this next hour, this next minute, I can do better.
I do not need to be supermom, if there is such a thing? I tend to think not, though there are some out there that seem to come awfully close. We all have our own blemishes and idiosyncrasies, certainly some more than others. 
At my weakest moment, I remind myself again, that I do not need to be supermom.
I am challenged by her, yet I know that she was created as she should be.
I know that God has given me what I can handle with a pinch of my own medicine as she is so much like me.
At my weakest moment, when I feel that I cannot parent her the way that I would like, I need to remind myself that I am not only her mother, I am her teacher.
I am here to guide her on her path.
At almost four, she looks to me, models me, hangs on my every word.
Our mother and daughter bond will remain constant, but there will be that moment when she lets go, when she sets out on that path on her own. So, when it seems as though the challenges that I face with her are insurmountable, I know that it is only in this moment. I know that as long as the challenges exist, that 
I am needed.  
I know that at just shy of thirty-four, I still need my mother. No matter what the challenge with Anna, I will rise, we will rise, and ultimately, she will rise.
I know at the end of the day when she tells me that she loves me to the moon and back,
 when she tells me that I am the best mommy in the world,
that I am her supermom and that's all that I need to be.

Then, the challenges fade off into the distance.


  1. Oh my Kristin. How did you get soooo wise?! I love what your wrote here. It is inspiration for me to continue to better my health and myself so that I can be part of helping you and being a huge part of my sweet Anna's life. You know, she is a lot like you. But I think part of that is being number two! She needs to keep up with her big brother whom she adores and copies. But boy, is she an amazing personality. My friends who have met her talk about Anna all the time and how adorable she is. You are doing a fantastic job! Great picture by the way. Oh and yes, I cried again! I love you ...Mommy

    1. Thanks, Mommy! I love you too! I learn from the best, by the way :)


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