Thursday, February 11, 2010

lucky streak?

I covet a new camera bag. My camera backpack is great and all, and definitely serves a purpose, but it doesn't scream style. I took my DLSR with me on my girlfriends weekend and I wasn't about to carry in my big camera backpack to a nice restaurant, nor am I taking it wine tasting with me this weekend. 
Oh, I so wish I had this:
It's one beautiful camera bag, by Kelly Moore
She's having a camera bag giveaway and in line with my current lucky streak, I thought I'd better enter :)
If by chance I don't win amongst the 1,000 people who have already entered, I've put in my order with my better half for my birthday next week.
{photo: google images; I was not paid in any way to mention this item, I really do want to win this giveaway!}

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