Saturday, February 6, 2010

get well soon

Our bags were packed and we were out the door, on our way to a superbowl wedding reception over the weekend. Good food, good friends, good fun! I thought I'd better take the kids to the doctor, just in case, since neither one of them have been quite themselves this past week. Kieran ended up being okay, but Anna...
ended up having bronchitis...poor thing! 
I hate seeing my baby sick, but we made the decision that Kieran and Daddy would make the trip, and I would stay home with sweet Anna. Looking on the bright side (or lack of a bright side because the sun still refuses to shine), at least it's rainy weather and we're not stuck inside on a beautiful day! Hoping my sweet girl gets well soon!


  1. Stopping by from SITS - what a cute blog! I love the header, and your kids are just beautiful.

    My kids have been sick most of the week. They're finally feeling better, but it's no fun to have sick babies. I hope they're feeling better soon.

    I think I'll follow you so I can check back in! =]

  2. oh no! sorry to hear Anna is sick & that you can't go to the wedding! Hope she feels better soon!


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