Sunday, November 1, 2009

18 months

In case you're wondering, every month (for both of my kids since they were born), I take a picture of them at their monthly milestone. The 27th of every month for Kieran, and the 28th for Anna. I am usually pretty good about remembering, but this is the second time I almost forgot with Anna, oops! Not wanting to miss the date, I every so carefully, ever so quietly, opened Anna's pocket door to her room, tip toed in and took a couple of shots, just to make sure that I got my 18 month photo on the 28th. 

Her hair is a bit crazy, but whose isn't when they're asleep? Well, maybe one exception, Anna's favorite baby.  :) Sweet slumbering girl(s). How time moves so quickly...

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  1. I made it through the Halloween post without a tear, but then this one happened with "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" playing in the background. I'm so sad that I've missed all of this....18 beautiful months with Anna. I've got to move home before she won't even know who I am.


It's a beautiful noise-And it's a sound that I love- And it makes me feel good-Like a hand in a glove -Yes it does, yes it does-What a beautiful noise

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