Thursday, March 27, 2014

eight {happy birthday, dear kieran}

This day eight years ago, the sky was filled with clouds, much like it is today.
This month eight years ago, it had rained every day except two.
It has been said that when it rains, good fortune is coming your way. 
This day, God brought me you.
More fortune than all the money in the world, it's all right here, in you.
This day, March 27, 2006, I became a mother.
This day, March 27, 2014, you said, "Mom, I don't need any presents really, I just need my family, books to read, God, and love (and a dog)".
Be still my heart.
Daddy and I will see what we can do about a dog, maybe when Liam is out of diapers. 
This day, we celebrate your life, and the light that you shine.
I love you sweet boy.
Happy 8th birthday!
Love, Mommy

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  1. I just happened upon this blog today almost one year later. I love you my sweet amazing Kieran! The year has gone by so quickly! Too fast for me. Liam is almost out of diapers except for pull ups at night and now you do have a dog named Murray! Isn't life sweet!


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