Friday, February 28, 2014

Princess and the Pee

Sometimes, just sometimes,
when you've got your 17 month old to bed,
 and when you're helping your kindergartener and your second grader do their homework,
your 3 year old gets upset when she wants to watch one more "Mouse" (aka Mickey Mouse Clubhouse). 
And sometimes, just sometimes,
when you say no, she gets upset and cries until the tears leave her cheeks wet and the floor is washed in snot.
You think, bless her heart.
She's sound asleep on the cold kitchen floor.
You quietly crouch down at her level to capture the moment of the sweet three year old Cinderella in her quiet (okay, not so quiet, she snores SO loud!) slumber.
You feel guilty that the poor thing fell asleep after being left to cry herself silly from the mere thought that Mouse was over for the night.
And then, you pick up the tiny tot that she is to unleash the world's 
BIGGEST flood of PEE.
It must've covered more than half the floor!
How it misses you and the pink tutu that she made you wear, you don't know.
Princess and the Pee.
Oh wait, that's not the right kind.
Bless her heart.

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