Sunday, December 29, 2013

just a few favorites {christmas 2013}

Dear Family,
I have not taken a lot of pictures this Christmas vacation. Most of us have been sick with the flu. I'm hoping that everyone will make a full recovery shortly, as the break has been spent homebound and I at least want to ring in the New Year in better style!
Just  a few favorites is all I've got, but they each have a special place in my heart...
like Tatum seeing her Elsa doll from Santa,
 she walks around with her constantly and sings "Let it Go"  
right on key, so sweet!

Like Anna....
so thrilled that Santa followed through in granting her one request of a giant bean bag.

 Like Cousin Johnny (and God father to Liam)...
giving Liam his Christmas present. These two love each other!

 Like Uncle Joe and Kevin's amazing decorations...
this is only a small fraction!

Like our semi-annual family Christmas photo... 
the crazy one, of course.
 We were missing my mom, sister, niece, cousin and her husband, 
but they were there in spirit!
Shortly thereafter, more of us took the Christmas flu hit (hopefully not Auntie Mary and Catherine while in Paris!).

Just a few favorites from this Christmas,
but I am ever so thankful, ever so blessed, that these favorites were spent with a family that loves each other and who I call mine.

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