Monday, December 30, 2013

hit the road croup {15 months}

Sweet boy, thank goodness you missed the stomach flu that everyone else had! It wasn't completely in the cards for you not to get something, so you (like your brother and sisters all had when they were babies) got a nasty bout of croup.
This face...
just about sums it all up.
Hit the road croup, and don't you come back no more, no more, no more, no more! Hit the road croup, and don't you come back no more!
Anna saw this picture and asked why you weren't smiling since you always do. It's a rare occasion that you aren't, you really are a happy little soul.
Today, you turned 15 months old. You are a full fledged walker and are trying your hand at the next speed, "the walk run". I cautiously follow you trying to prevent any major rough and tumble to the pavement.
Your verbal vocabulary is still small, saying "mama" and "da", but you understand so much! You shake your head no, blow us kisses, give us hugs and pats on the back. When we ask you to turn around as you approach the stairs, you lower yourself and ever so carefully reverse yourself knee, hand, knee, hand to the bottom. You initiate peek-a-boo, and giggle up a storm. I've taught you how to sign a few things and you can tell me when you are hungry, thirsty, want more, are all done, or tired.
You love baths and brushing your teeth and you cannot stand it when others are eating and you are not. You could have already eaten lunch, but if someone else has something to eat, you want it! Thank goodness, you are still a phenomenal eater. Can you keep it that way? I'm 1 out of 4!
No evidence of you thinning out yet like the others. You are just a big boy and I love that about you! We just bought you your first pair of shoes and you are only a 1/2 size smaller in shoe than Tatum. You are 15 months, she is 3. That is just plain funny. Your brother at your exact age wore a 4W. You wear a 6W. Did I say that you are a big boy?
I've yet to give you a haircut, though you really are in need. The first cut is always the most emotional. The day when you look less like a baby.
I have fully weaned you, so if I seem a bit emotional, it's because I am.
Baby steps for Mommy. I'm not ready for you to be so grown up!
We enjoy you so much, sweet Liam, all fifteen months of you.
Thanks for being you.

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  1. So beautiful! I love you Liam! You are growing up so quickly! But you will always be my baby just like your Mommy!


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