Thursday, September 5, 2013

"P", get it? {oh, Anna!}

I love this girl...
and while it's quite obvious that she has an older brother when you hang out with her, she has a spirit of her own. She tells it like it is, she is a jokester.
There are times when I know that I'm supposed to correct her, and it's all I can do to bite my tongue and keep the laughter from spilling right out of me. 
Most of the time, I can't fight it.
I took Anna to her Kindergarten assessment to see whether she would be an early worker or late worker in the reading schedule.
As I stapled packets for her teacher in the back of the room, I quietly listened to her responses.
Sometimes she answered correctly, sometimes not, but all in eagerness to answer.
So eager that her teacher asked, "What does the "p" sound make?"
Anna's answer? 
Pee, get it?
Oh, Anna. 
She made me snicker in the back of the Kindergarten classroom.
Luckily, it went over her teacher's head.
Love this girl...

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