Monday, September 30, 2013

30 days hath september {happy first birthday, liam}

30 days hath september,
and oh,
where have the days gone?
I picked you up out of your crib this morning and sang you happy birthday. 
Without warning, my voice cracked, my throat choked up, and the tears slowly streamed down my face.
My baby, my sweet, sweet, baby, you have turned one today. 
You went from this...
 a standing, into everything, stuffed animal loving, giggling, happy, happy boy!
Tell me, where oh where
did the time go?
I will find out on Thursday how much you weigh and how tall you are,
but what I can say about you right now is that you are the most happy,
loving boy.
You love your siblings and your daddy,
you are inquisitive in every sense of the word.
It doesn't take much to make you smile,
and I can tell that you are thinking about how this big world works every minute
of every day.
You are a jokester...
and a romantic,
rolled up into one.
Every day I ask you for my kiss and you say, "mmm" and attempt to give me your most slobbery of slobbery baby kisses.
We think that you say mama and dada and you definitely wave hello.
You eat everything in sight, I actually don't know where you put it because you often eat a total of what Kieran, Anna and Tatum eat combined!
Each of them compete for your attention, each of them have a unique relationship with you.
They love you fiercely.
You, like your siblings, are a mama's boy, but when you are in my arms and reach for your daddy, your love is overflowing and evident.
You are still crawling, but scaling walls and couches and you often stand on your own without even realizing it. You clap your hands, play peek a boo, blow your food when it's hot.
You hug us tight and we know that you are telling us how much you love us.
I am in awe of your love, in awe that God chose us to be your parents.
You are an amazing baby, an amazing one year old boy.
I promise to love you with all my heart, and all my might.
I am sad that your baby days have moved into toddlerhood, 
but my heart bursts at the seams thinking of the child that you are and the man that you will become.
You are such a special human being.
A blessed soul.
Happy 1st Birthday, my sweet baby.
30 days hath September, plus three hundred and thirty five more,
and oh,
how I have savored every moment.
With Love,

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